Casting Call:

There will be an open casting call for all speaking and non-speaking parts; as well as choreography and choir on Friday, September 9 from 5pm-9pm; Saturday, September 10 from 10am-7pm; and Sunday, September 11 from 1pm to 6pm.  Please stop by anytime during those hours to be cast for a part.  If you are not auditioning for a speaking part, choreography, or choir; and have been in production before; you will be able to do the FAST PASS Audition and eliminate the need to wait to meet with the directors.  If you are interested in a speaking part, choreography, or choir you MUST audition during the scheduled casting calls.  Scripts  & music are available here.  Please come prepared for your auditions!  Call Backs will be Tuesday, September 13 at 6pm.  Rehearsals begin the first week of October.

Kick Off Meeting:

ALL CAST & CREW MEMBERS of Celebration of Christmas MUST ATTEND this meeting on Sunday, September 25 at 2pm in the auditorium.  The cast & crew will be introduced, speaking parts will be handed out; scripts will be issued, as well as all schedules.  PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS MEETING!  If there is a problem, please call Mikel Swank: 634-3034 Ext 102.


For scripts, sheet music, & music tracks click HERE



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